Saturday, November 19, 2011

Arctic Monkeys at the O2

One of the main motivations for Pip and I moving to London was to see as many of our favorite bands as we could. Three months into our trip and we've been to one gig... This is nothing to get upset over as this one gig was quite significant.

The Arctic Monkeys represents up to a point, the soundtrack to our relationship. The first time I met Pip, I stumbled across her copy of the 'Humbug' album and the idea of spending long nights discussing the merits of their new sound almost dropped me onto one knee right there and then.

The decision to go to the Arctic Monkeys turned out to be a last minute one, as our living situation didn't really allow us much opportunity to do such things. Our late tickets purchase resulted in us viewing this gig from the back of the arena.

The night itself was worth every penny. The tube ride to Greenwich North after work, lead to a wonderful Thai dinner, which lead to a bar for a pint, which turned into 2 more pints (and a few bathroom stops) before we finally took our seats at the dizzying heights at the back of the O2 Arena... I wish I brought my glasses...

The Vaccines were up first and were great. They sound really good live and we hope to get their album soon. This was the third time I'd seen the Arctic Monkeys and they were even more amazing this time than the last times. They played great tune after great tune, including two which they didn't play last time, 'Mardy Bum' and '505'. Pip and I got up from our chairs during 'Florescent Adolescent' and never sat down again.

A perfect night and a great feeling to share it with someone who loves this band as much as I do.

Next stop - The XFM Winter Wonderland in December to see The Horrors and the Maccabees.

A view from the back of the O2.