Thursday, November 17, 2011

Notes Cafe, London

Ok I had to post this because at the moment I'm seriously considering opening a cafe in New Zealand one day. Pip and I have found some cool restaurants and cafes around London so far, but from now on, I am going to blog about them so that I can look back on these places and always remember them.

Notes cafe in Trafalgar Square is the best cafe we've been to in London so far. It is the kind of place that you seriously consider having two coffees just so that you don't have to leave. We walk in and are greeted with a beautifully lit room with all the quirks of a cafe that I love. They had crates in the window with music on them, bookshelves, TV's playing foreign films.

Although my pet hate in cafe's in having the counter in the most congested area (By the door), I forgave them instantly because the staff were so friendly. The coffee is great too. Two perfect Flat Whites arrived at our table with beautiful Latte art. The Red Brick bean from El Salvador was a warm full tasting espresso which cut through the milk and made for a great coffee.

Here are some photo's: