Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A trip to the Camden markets

A day off. The sun is shining. It's a little bit chilly. Not to worry, this is the perfect day to visit the Camden markets. Pip and I have been once before. It was a rainy day, we were poor and we went with my friend Campbell. This time we had some cash, time, and it was Wednesday so not so crowded.

We stopped at the local Camden 'Eat' cafe first to get our caffeine fix. It wasn't as good as the 'Eat' in Knightsbridge. We then meandered around, through and between the stalls, shops and rooms full of everything from vintage clothing to fish foot baths. I managed to find a nice new cheese cutter hat and a tweed coat, Pip came away with a nice 5 pound top. We also had the most amazing pizza for lunch. It was an Italian place which made the pizza in front of us. It was delicious and possibly the best one since we've been in London. Another great find was in an area that was closed, this random cafe which I took a picture of.

The little cafe we found inside the Camden markets.
If you enter this place it's like a cornfield made of t-shirts.
Pip tries on some head gear.
Pip looks out at the Camden Lock.

Camden Lock.
An overhead rail at Camden.
Pip shops in the Camden markets.
Pip makes yet another difficult decision at the Camden markets.
Pip got this for just 5 pounds. And she's pretty happy about it.
I finally found a hat.
The windy paths in the Camden markets.
Not too many people on a Tuesday.
Waiting for lunch.
Fantastic pizza.
Om nom.
Om nom.
My new get up.
Pretty wall sheets.
Sit down, have a bite and a smoke.