Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bradley's 25th

Bradley's 25th was two nights ago. What a fun night, if only I didn't have work the next day...

I worked from 7am until 3pm and then picked Pip up from work at Snap around 6pm. We went home, had some dinner, got dressed up all nice and headed off around 8pm. We'd never been to Clapham before and we had decided to take the bus from Westminster. London was beautiful from the top deck of the bus as we headed across the bridge and through the city. Then the bus decided to stop and force everyone off early. This was confusing everyone on board, a kid even tripped and spilled his biscuits all down the stairs. We were ushered onto another bus free of charge and our journey resumed. Once we reached the bus stop we took about 15 minutes to find his house in the freezing cold.

The night was now under way. Bradley's original plans had fallen through and so it started off with just Philippa, Bradley, their friend from broadcasting school Olivier, and myself. Then more arrived and the idea of being home by midnight went out the window.

I don't know what time we left but we must have taken at least 2 hours to get home. The tube was closed so we had to bus. Figuring that out while not sober is quite difficult. Made worse by a lack of public toilets we finally found a bus from Westminster to Willesden Station...

I awoke at the stop and Pip and I exited the bus only to realize that we had no idea where we were. 20 minutes or so of walking later, I spotted a Sainsbury's supermarkets that we'd been to before. We must have crawled into bed at about 3:30am and when my alarm went off at 6:15am, I was not very impressed. What followed, was the hardest day of work in my life. Hospitality is not the kind of work you can do when you felt like I did. I somehow made it through the day without people knowing how hungover I was. 8 hours of work, then home for a 20 minute nap...

Pip wakes me up and it's time to go to the work Christmas party. Oh no! A shower, a shave and a coffee and I'm ready. The Christmas party was at a restaurant called 'Prix Fixe' in Soho and was really nice. http://www.prixfixe.net/london/restaurant/index.asp I had honey roast duck and Pip had pork. Despite all the drama's at work, it was a really nice evening. I even got a gift from my cafe manager Marie, a book about opening your own cafe. Very thoughtful! Although it was free wine all night, Pip and I were more than happy with water.

Now I'm on 2 days off!
London at night time is very pretty and there are not many people around.
Photos from Bradley's 25th.
Pip reunited with an old broadcasting school friend.
I think that was all of us so I'm not sure who took this photo.
Pip + wine.
Who would have guessed that Saisbury's supermarket has their own Vodka?
Singing the theme from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Pip tries to stop Bradley from teleporting to another universe.
Awww good friends.
A phone box on the way home.
Lets do the tourist thing at 3am!
In we go.
"Hello. How do we get home from here?"
I can't explain this one.
The tube is closed. Let's dance!
The London Eye is closed. Lets dance!
This is a photo of Big Ben. It sort of represents how we saw everything on the way home.
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