Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fernandez & Wells - Beak Street, Soho

I had to write about this little cafe in Soho. Fernandez & Wells and I were first introduced under different circumstances back in September. I had just completed my coffee course and was dead set on finding a job. After chasing interviews and cold calling my way around town, I was referred to the Beak Street establishment, Fernandez & Wells. I talked to a guy who sorted me out a trial, but soon after I had to cancel as I managed to score my current job. I left Fernandez & Wells without buying a coffee and since then have been meaning to go back to satisfy my intrigue.

The opportunity came after I had a couple of hours to kill before I could pick Pip up from work. I found myself in Soho with little to do so I headed for the cafe whose charm had set up camp in the back of my mind.

Fernandez & Wells has three sites, including the Beak Street one aforementioned, which are 'Food and Wine' and 'Espresso Bars', but Beak Street is more of a small, traditional cafe.

I blew in from the freezing cold and found myself standing in a beautiful cafe with lovely wooden floors, cool little seats set out so you feel like you're involved in everything that's going on, and the aroma of fresh coffee. I ordered an almond and apricot slice (which was to die for), and a Latte. While the Latte was nice, it was stronger than a latte should be (Not really a bad thing). The art was decent and the milk was also a pass. I took a seat down the back and took the opportunity to survey my surroundings. Although I was dressed up in some of my favorite clothes, I couldn't help but feel that I perhaps wasn't 'alternative' enough to be part of what was going on, or at least what felt like was going on. The thing I liked most about the cafe is it's ability to engage you with the experience, much like 'Notes' in Trafalgar Square did for us a few weeks back. To be fair, there was not a lot going on that was different to most cafes, yet I love that it made me feel like there was.

One draw back for me was the untidiness of the place. Upon closer inspection, there was a lot of cleaning up that needed doing. I certainly had expectations for this place and I must say that I'll be back for sure.