Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 arrives

2012 arrived the other night. We were somewhere in London, walking toward the location where we and 2012 had arranged to meet up. Only, it got there before us and let off all the fireworks, kissed all it's friends, sung Auld Lang Syne and didn't bother to call to ask where we were. Let me explain.

To be fair we'd scaled down our new year plans due to finances and other adventures we decided we'd like to go on more. Hogmanay in Edinburgh may happen for the next one but 2011/2012 would be a get together of our kiwi friends and we'd welcome 2012 with one or two too many beverages.

Old faithfuls Holly and Laura would come for pre-drinks at our house and then we'd hit the tube to Bradley's somewhere in Clapham. When we finally headed to the tube for our 50 minute journey, we were greeted by a different tube that the one we are used to catching to and from work. The London Underground had decided to throw a party of its own. (Remind me never to take children on the tube on new years...) It was filled with intoxicated people all looking to attach themselves to any anything that was at least semi conscious, and poor Holly found her self dribbled on by two European fellows who thought they'd hit the jack pot (Obviously they had never run into a girl from Te Pahu before).

After we stepped off the train, making sure to mind the gap, take our personal belongings with us, report any unattended items to a member of staff, stand on the right hand side of the escalator and stumble up the left, we alighted to an unfamiliar part of Clapham Common. No worries, we'll just call Bradley and see where he lives... no answer. Plan B. We were here a month back so surely we can find our way to his house... No... why are we back at the tube again? Let's call Bradley... (Flatmate answers and tells us he's passed out)... so where are we going to go now? It's 11:30pm...

Then we get a text from Bradley with the address. (I thankfully just bought a new phone with Google maps) Oh dear... why are we so far away from his house.

So onward we march, tempers being tested as midnight draws ever closer and we still don't recognize any of our surroundings.... BANG BANG BANG... Lights.... cheers... Somewhere out there, London is alive. 2012 has kicked off it's party without us. With a "It's ok babe, at least we are together" kiss from Pip, we march on in search of our party.

We finally make it at about 12:20am. All is forgiven, we drink, talk, laugh, take photos that we hope don't end up on Facebook and when Pip and I arrive on our doorstep at 8am on new years morning, we know we've just had a pretty big new years.

We caught up on our two nights of sleep and now things are back to normal again. As for 2012, it taught us that it was going to be a fast year in a selfish world that won't wait for us if we're not ready for it.

Happy new year

Pip and Steve

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