Thursday, January 12, 2012

The British Museum

Faced with another two days off while Pip worked, she suggested getting out and doing something instead of getting all lonely and weird at home by myself. So after my sleep in, my butter and golden syrup on English muffins, and my chilli concarne in wraps for my (30 minutes after I had breakfast) lunch, I boarded the tube and headed for Tottenham court station.

I pulled out my trusty phone to guide me the rest of the way and 15 minutes later I stood outside somewhere else entirely. I had pushed the wrong location on my map and had followed it blindly to Soho square... Another 15 minutes passes and I arrive outside an amazing building inside of which I plan to spend the next few hours wandering around with my jaw on the floor.

I took some photos of the building and resisted the urge to play the lone tourist and try to get myself in the photos.... I headed straight for the cafe to grab some water and a Latte (Very average but much needed). Pip was then on her lunch break and I talked to her on the phone after having seen one object in the museum which was from 400 BC. I was excited but little did I know I'd travel much further back in time momentarily.

I didn't make it around the whole museum as I'm one of those people who reads everything and got tired after three hours. I did get around all the areas I wanted, like ancient Egypt, early Britian, and ancient Greece but I know I will be back with Pip so I'm not worried.

I loved this museum, probably because I love looking at ancient objects and imagining them in their time, the older the better. Now I'm really looking forward to our weekend in Bath coming up in a couple of weeks.
Red granite sarcophagus - About 2400 BC.
Limestone fragment of the beard of the Sphinx - About 1420 BC.
The Rosetta Stone.
Green breccia sarcophagus of Necetanebo II - From Alexandria 345 BC.
Colossal sulpture of a scarab beetle - 200 BC.
Ancient Egyption skulls - Showing the effects of Diet and nutrition on teeth.
More skulls from ancient Egypt.
Mummy of an unidentified elderly woman - 700 BC.
Close up of the unidentified elderly woman mummy - Demonstrating the preserving methods.
Skeleton in the remains of a basketwork coffin - 3000 BC.
Skeleton surrounded by riches - 3400 BC.
Astronomical table clock - 1778 AD.
More cool old table clocks.
Marble chariot horse - 350 BC.
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