Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carnaby Street

Just a quick wee post about my discovery today.

While Pip was at work, I enjoyed a day off which I decided to fill with productive endeavors, one of which was to take the film from my camera to get developed at the Lomography shop near Carnaby Street. I'd never heard of Carnaby Street, the only reason I was going was because that's where the Lomography store is. I can't wait to take Pip here. It's filled with fantastic little boutiques, cafes and restaurants and although it does have some 'High Street' stores, it's all laid out and styled in a much more tasteful way.

The Lomography shop was really cool too. Full of accessories which each take their turn to sell themselves to you. I did well to leave with just a developed film purchase. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until next Friday before I can pick up the prints and CD, they will go straight on the blog assuming I took any decent ones.

Oh and I managed to go to the London 'Taylor Street Baristas' cafe that I'd failed to go to twice. I had a really nice flat white, sat for a few minutes and headed back home.
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