Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 2 in Bath - Tourist stuff

The next morning continued to gift us exciting and enjoyable moments. After forcing ourselves to get up from the far too comfortable bed, we headed into the breakfast room where our hosts feed, coffee’d and entertained us. My full English breakfast was actually fantastic this time and Pip’s pancakes were better than most places would serve, considering it was complimentary it certainly put us in a good mood. We waved goodbye to the Cranleigh and caught a bus into central Bath.

We did a bit of research before we left for Bath so that we could make the most out of our trip. I had found an app on my phone which took us on a ‘historical’ tour of Bath where you’d arrive at each location and read about it, take some pictures and move on to the next one. The trip started at the Roman Bath’s which I thought was a single pool where you paid 12 pounds each to admire for a few minutes. It turned out that I was mistaken. They have done a fantastic job of creating a museum around the entire site full of displays and it weaves around the remains of the old temples which are no longer standing, it was very well done and unlike a museum, when you see the original steps or gaze through an open window into the Kings Spa, these are the real things and left exactly in the spot where they stood. I got told off when trying to balance the camera to take a photos of Pip and I  "Please don't sit on the ruins, you'll ruin them".
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