Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day trip to Brighton pt 1

It's 5:20am. My alarm has just reminded me that we need to get a move on. Pip's in the shower and the sound of water is fast soothing me back to sleep... Ok we have a train to catch! So up with a start, coffee, shower, clothes and out the door wading through -3 degrees on the way to the tube. At London bridge we stop to ask the nice ticket man where we collect our prepaid tickets from. "You realize this is the underground you twat" or words to that effect bounced around my ear canals.
Once we found the 'national rail' ticket hall, we printed our tickets, grabbed our coffees and boarded our train.
Pip waits for me to pick up the tickets as she cradles her coffee.
Pip's still smiling as we wait for our train. She's a bit frozen though.
As the sun started to rise, we were treated to beautiful frost covered countryside framed by red sky, not too dissimilar to home. The train trip was fantastic, we felt like tourists as we stuck a combination of the 4 cameras we'd brought with us against the window to try and capture a decent image which could do justice to what we were seeing out the window.

This picture doesn't quite do it justice but it does show the frost, the trees and the red sky.
Brighton train station.
Brighton is amazing. I'm writing this blog as we attempt to capture the events before they get broken down into snack sized portions and stored in the back of my brain, next to my memory of that other thingy, whatever it was.... Pip and I are currently sitting in a cafe enjoying flat whites and porridge. Oh and guess what cafe we are at? Taylor street baristas! Yes it's taken 3 attempts to get to one and we had to come all the way to Brighton. It's worth the wait. They do latte art that is the same as the cafe logo, and the cafe itself is very close to everything Pip and I would want in a cafe. Wooden floors, quirky furniture, great coffee, friendly staff and being in a small town, all the customers seem to know each other. Ok now it's back out into the cold, we are off to the beach and the pier.

As we left the station, we were on a road which rolled down to the ocean.
I'm trying to take a picture of the town clock.
Me taking a photo of Pip.
I finally got to try out this place after 2 failed attempts back in London.
Latte art, sugar and my Diana F+
Pip and I shared this breakfast. Om nom.

The beach was fantastic. We walked on the pebbles, took heaps of photos, I ran down to test the cold ocean water and then we tracked along the water front paths and back up along the road.
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