Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day trip to Brighton pt2

I decided to run down and test the water.
Time to see how cold the water is.
It is indeed cold.
Changing the film in my camera took longer than I'd like to admit.
The Brighton pier is like an old 70's American carnival, it was deserted due to nothing in Brighton being properly open before midday (especially in Winter). After a walk along the pier and a hundred photo's we stopped in at a fish n chip shop and ate on a bench on the cold beach. Brighton on a Monday felt a bit strange. The town looked as though it was just waking up, people were just starting to fill the open spaces, seemingly left behind by the years. The pier itself seemed more of a museum of it's hey-day than an actual working attraction.
This snap was taken as I led Pip far from the place we were meant to be going. 'Lost again' I think is the correct expression.
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