Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day trip to Brighton pt3

Brighton had some neat little streets with colorful houses. We took lots of snaps to remember them by.
Brighton we decided, if we were to compare to a New Zealand town, would a mix between Napier and Lyttleton with its seaside relaxed feeling coupled with the art deco architecture. We walked along the beach which is not sand but large pebbles, past the pier, through some very nice streets and onto the Royal Pavilion where there is a temporary restaurant and ice rink, we are now enjoying mulled wine.

Mulled wine.
Fish n Chips by the beach.
Next we went inland and hit up the shops. First a mall where we talked ourselves out of new articles of clothing, and now we sit in a Jamie Oliver cafe/restaurant/self promotion store called 'Recipease Brighton'. To be honest it's a little self indulgent and the coffee was average. Now to relax before seeing what else Brighton can offer.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent around the high street shops and the boutique shopping streets until we became too tired by late afternoon. The last part of the story is a bit hit and miss. We walked a long way to a park where we sat for a while to recharge the batteries before I had another directional mishap and led us up some steep hills to the wrong railway station... Another 30 minutes of walking was needed to get back to the proper train station and by then our legs were killing us. The train didn't leave for 45 minutes so we went back to Taylor St Baristas for a coffee and finally boarded the train and made our way across the country as the sun set. Pip and I decided that we will look back on our day in Brighton with fond memories. Next weekend we head to Bath!
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