Saturday, January 14, 2012


My endless quest to find London's best cafe continued today. One of the managers at work suggested I try out one of 'Taylor Street Barista's' cafe's. I had attempted to get to the Mayfair site the other day but didn't make it before closing, so finishing my Saturday shift at 3pm I convinced a workmate of mine to head down for a coffee as to fill in time before visiting Pip at work.

We arrived at the Mayfair side street only to find the place closed... It turns out that this place is not open at all in the weekends... How do they make money then? A little annoyed, we kept walking and came across a neat little cafe called 'Everbean'. It was far from the best cafe I've ever been to but it had enough charm to warrant some photos and a mention on the blog. I had a very nice Latte and a slice of carrot cake which I couldn't resist when it was freshly placed on the display right in front of me. I think it's a little mean to expect me not to fall for a fresh cake that's conveniently placed right under my nose.

Afterwards, with more time to kill, Jessica, Lewis and I meandered through the cozy streets of Soho and stopped off at Fernandez and Wells for another coffee (I was quite wired for a few hours following this). I have to mention my slightly shameful moment at this point. I regard Fernandez and Wells as a great coffee shop and decided to ask for something a bit different. I saw a sign on which I skimmed the words 'Sourced', 'farm', and 'organic'. I asked the barista what kind of coffee that was. The barista looked rather confused and clearly lacked the intellect or experience to respond to such a question. Jess grabbed by jacket sleeve and quietly informed me that the sign was for a cake as I looked for a loose floorboard to lift up and crawl under.

Oh and I took a picture of a cool cart near some random fruit stand.
This cart wasn't anywhere near the cafe but I thought it was really cool.
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