Saturday, January 28, 2012

Exploring Bath

After taking a few hundred photo’s each (most of them of the same things as each other), we wandered up to Pulteney Bridge for some more pix, to scout out some things to do for the next day, and for a bit of lunch. The cafe was on the edge of the bridge so the view out the window was beautiful, the experience was less so. I'm not a big fan of English people making English breakfasts because they never come out as good as they read on the menu. We got our meals ahead of another couple who were there long before us. Plus we got their vegetarian meals, which made it awkward when we got ours missing meat and they still hadn’t got theirs. Underwhelmed but with full belly’s, we ventured back outside to find that the sun had come out and Bath was bathed in beautiful sunshine that reflected brilliantly off all the buildings and the water. Time for a few hundred more photos.

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