Saturday, January 28, 2012

The final evening in Bath

After we visited the Circus, Royal Pavilion, the Abbey, Queens Park and a few other places, we found a cafe/restaurant and had a couple of coffee’s each and a nice long chat. The cafe/ restaurant was called Jinka-Jinka and whilst it was nice looking inside, I felt that it didn’t quite know what it was as again I was pretty much told off for trying to order at the counter “It’s table service” was all the gentleman said.

Too much candy.
The late afternoon was spent exploring the streets of boutique shops followed by a Thai dinner at the amazing ‘Thai Balcony’.

With a few hours still to pass before our train departed, we hopped across the road from the Thai restaurant to the Flan O’Brien for a red wine and a Guinness.

Finally it was time to make for the station to catch our train. We went a different way than when we arrived and discovered a high street area full of all the big chain shops that are in every town. While we couldn’t believe we’d completely missed this area, we agreed that in doing so we probably saved our wallets.

The train trip back was peaceful, Pip was tired and had a really sore foot but we returned to London happy and refreshed but sad that we’d have to go back to working until mid March when we head back to New Zealand for my sister Michelle’s wedding.
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