Friday, January 6, 2012

The Girl with the Tricycle

Yesterday I had a much needed day off from work. I met Pip for lunch near her work at Edgware Road where we called into a Costa cafe. I'm not going to go on about it but the service was horrible. The girl stopped listening to my order half way through so she could talk to someone else and then they forgot our coffees.

I dropped Pip back at work and took a few snaps on my new Diana F+  camera which Pip gifted me for Christmas, I really cannot wait to get the first film developed (I'll post the good shots on here). I popped into Topman to grab a new beanie and headed home to cook Pip some bangers and mash for dinner.

We have been wanting to catch the movie 'The Girl with the Dragon tattoo' ever since we saw the trailer a few months ago. I've recently finished all three books and Pip is half way through the last one. We've also seen the first Swedish movie but weren't completely sold on it.

Cinema's in London are super expensive but we found one in Kilburn which only charged 9.50 each. It looked a little run down from the outside but when we entered the building we were pleasantly surprised. It's called the 'Tricycle Theatre' and has one movie screen which plays movies in a sort of theater season way (We saw the final screening of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). It also has a live performance theater, a gallery and a bar. The whole thing is far from run down and I could forgive the lack of surround sound because this place was very comfortable.

What did we think of the movie? Well critic reviews has been good, they've over promoted it and some people I've talked to had said it was average, preferring the Swedish version, but I think that's just because it's become 'cool' to like that version. I personally found that version a bit rushed and lacked character development, therefore I was not convinced that the characters on screen were the ones from the book.

There were plenty of flaws in this version too. When ever a character who wore glasses said something serious, they paused mid sentence, removed them dramatically and then continued on, this happened in the very first scene and just seemed to keep happening. For me Daniel Craig took about 20 minutes to shake off the 'Jame's Bond' thing before he slipped into a very good version of Mikael Blomkvist. There was one scene where he was driving and there was clearly a blue screen in the background...

Rooney Mara was brilliant as Lisbeth Salander although I felt that she talked too much compared to the book. Also, I know that the book is extremely graphic and it would have been wrong to play down any of the intense scenes, but I felt that Lisbeth took off her gear one or two too many times. I know it's art, and they were just developing the character, but she seems so young and I felt sorry for her having to strip off all the time. A bit more tasteful would have been nice.

The story was close enough to the book for me and I can forgive them missing the relationship between Mikael and Cecilia, Lisbeth catching up to Martin Vanger on her bike instead of him crashing by himself, and of course Harriet not being in Australia (That was a "Huh?" moment).

I liked it and I can't wait for the second one.


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