Saturday, January 28, 2012

Onwards to Bath

Our two day trip to Bath began with another early morning cross country train trip. This one was due to be an extra 40 minutes or so longer than the Brighton one so we were relieved to find that we had a nicer train with a table and comfy seats. Pip and I had a good laugh on the way and as usual, I got a bit too excited and she threatened to kick me off at Swindon.
Pip patiently waits on the train.
Pip patiently dances on the train.
The train pulled up to the Bath train station and we emerged from the station onto a bridge which took us to the south side of the river, here we found a wee cafe where we stopped in for a cup of tea (Yes tea not coffee, we had a coffee at Paddington station and didn’t want to over caffeinate).

The bridge leading out from the Bath train station.
Pip is happy to be in a cafe.
Tea bag English Breakfast tea.
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