Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reaching the Cranleigh

By about 2pm we decided that we’d better leave some sightseeing for the next day so we started the journey to the Cranleigh where we were staying. It took us 40 minutes to walk there and we were quite tired on arrival so had our fingers crossed that it would indeed be worth it.

It was, the staff were lovely and I’m sure we had the honeymoon suite. The afternoon consisted of tea and biscuits by the window and just enjoying the wonderful room that we were fortunate enough to get. It was a lovely Victorian room with details spilling their class out over the entire space. From the furniture in the window overlooking the beautiful hillside, the fireplace and it's vintage sewing machine, to the bed with its towering pillars at each corner and soft fabric dropping across the hectares of white soft sheets that could swallow us both up.

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