Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Drums play the Roundhouse in Camden

For our friend Bradley's birthday on December 3rd we bought him a ticket to see The Drums at the Roundhouse in Camden. As we didn't want him to be all alone, Pip bought her and I a ticket each also.

After work I met Pip in Camden and we caught up with Bradley at a pub called Quinns for a drink.

Quinns was an Engligh pub who played music and two television channels at the same time with the volume on.

We had decided to go a few doors down to a BYO restaurant called Guanabana where we met Bradleys friends who would come to the gig with us. For once I was happy with my order at a restaurant and didn't envy anyone else's dishes, in fact everyone seemed to have a problem with theirs, from an underwhelming nacho's dish, a salad with fly spray dressing to Bradley's under ripe avocados which were promptly made up for with a free side plate of chips, I sat happily eating my beef burger and downing our bottles of Stella.

With Bradley now talking so loud that all the customers might as well have pulled their chair over and joined our table, we decided it was time to head to the Roundhouse for the main event.

We were stopped outside and asked if we'd like to be filmed by a random website called 'Winkball' who record people at events and upload them to watch the next day.

Pip puts on her newsreader persona for a website.
<iframe src="http://www.winkball.com/video-embed-web/?puid=lRkWCo8WS-RT" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="448" height="336"></iframe>

We then entered the Roundhouse, grabbed some drinks and eventually wandered into the venue as 'Spector' took to the stage.

The Roundhouse is a fantastic venue. Great sound, good views seemingly from every corner of the circular mini arena type complex. Spector are a band that Pip and I cannot quite get our heads around. We both enjoy some of their songs but we feel the band itself is rather contrived, premeditated. This was proven by the awkward  between song banter where the singer covered topics including; "Please follow us on Facebook"and "How would you like the sound of Indie and Rock and Roll to come together? We'll that's what we are trying to do"...

After that subpleasentness we waited around half an hour, but when The Drums came on stage we were treated to a couple of hours of fantastic tunes.

To make things even more enjoyable, Boy George (Or as Bradley screamed out "Oh My God it's Joy Borge") joined Jonathan on vocals for a couple of tunes:

Jonathan Pierce and Boy George.
The encore included "Let's go surfing" and ended with  hauntingly beautiful 'Searching for Heaven', a slow way to end but appropriately pessimistic. The Drums were clearly having more fun than they were trying to let on throughout the gig.

What a night and we love the Roundhouse!