Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I think it finally snowed in London...

Our dreams of a white christmas were melted by a very mild December and as the calendar clicked over into February all hopes of the falling white power had all but disappeared from our thoughts until...

After picking Pip up from Snap and tubing home together, the train doors opened at West Hampsted to snow flaking down from the sky, much to the amusement to everybody on board. I have never seen everybody on the tube smiling before. And thus the remainder of the journey home was filled with slipping, sliding and photo taking.

Pip at Wllesden Green station.
Snow at Wllesden Green station.
Steve gets soo excited that his head starts to spin.

Looking out the front door later that night.
Pip's pix from the next morning.

On the bus to work. 

Out the front window at work.
From the third floor at work.

One week later, it snowed again. This time it was much colder and more annoying. This photo sort of shows how cold it was as I waited at the bus stop.