Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thoughts and adventures from the last few weeks

So February is well into it's second half and Pip and I have have a really good few weeks. I applied for a job at Notes cafe and got an interview but decided not to follow through (Great to know my CV works). I went back to the British Museum but this time I took Pip with me. Here's a few of the new pix we took in the Museum's King George Library.

In King George III's library.
Looking down the room of King George III's collection.

A model of the Solar System.
Pip browses King George's books.

Valentines day was next up and Pip and I were fortunate enough to have the evening off together. Instead of going out, we opted for a quiet night in with dinner and a swapping of gifts. Pip gifted me a beautifully bound wee book of Shakespeare's sonnets and I gave her a pink box filled with hearts which I cut out by hand and wrote love notes on both sides of each, plus a new coin purse was buried in amongst it.

Now I think we have done the bulk of the museums here in London, so our visit to the Victoria and Albert museum was probably the end of our museum adventures (Except for the science museum which I will probably have to attend by myself). We had never heard of this place before and with a day off together I looked through the pages of our London tourist book in the hope of finding an activity for the day. Here are some of the snaps.

The cafe at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Panoramic of the water feature in the John Madejski Gardens.
On of many sculpture rooms.

Pip enters a dark ominous room.
Old bibles.
Pip snaps Steve in a Medieval robe.

Medieval chic.
Scary picture in an old book.
An old Atlas from 1570.

Steve prepares for battle.
My Medieval knight hand.
Mr Knight.
Mr Horse.
Medieval piano.

Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook, circa 1490.
An early Encyclopedia from 1460.
Pip listens to some Renaissance tunes.
Plaster cast of David.
Pip and gold extravagance.
Large Raphael cartoon and Pip.
Raphael's cartoons.
Pip and Raphael's cartoons.
A replica of an old living room.
An old blokes coat.

The wedding suit of James II.
Now we're looking forward to the Drums gig on the 27th and next month we are heading back to New Zealand for Michelle's Wedding and then it's Pip's birthday!