Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pip's adventures in Covent Garden

Upon our return from our whirlwind trip back to New Zealand for Michelle's wedding, it was time for Pip to turn 23. I collected her from work and we headed into Covent Garden where we had a lovely dinner at a French restaurant called 'Cote'. I chose a French place since I was unable to keep my promise to Pip's Mother about spending her birthday in Paris, simply because we'd be there in June.

As part of her gift I had purchased tickets to a Ballet  at the Royal Opera House. Unfortunately it was for 3 nights after her birthday but I know she wanted to see a proper ballet.

Monday arrived and again I collected Pip from work in Edgeware Road. It was a beautiful evening so we whipped across the road to a place called 'Grand Union London' which is a chain bar/restaurant where we sat amongst the very nice decor with the sun streaming through the window and had a drink and a good catch up.

Then it was almost showtime. In a slight haze after our drink, we threw back some Mc Dee's, jumped on the tube and headed for Covent Garden. Once we arrive at the station, the lift to the street was packed so me being brilliant and always having great Ideas, I decided we could just take the stairs. After stopping several times as we wound up, up and around, a PA announced that there were 192 stairs... What a silly idea that was.

We arrived at the Royal Opera House and headed to our seats... up... up... and a bit further up still...

As you can see from the photo, it was pretty high up. Fortunately their was no seat in front of Pip so she got a good view and I was able to see 90% of the ballet too.

Alice's adventures in wonderland was magnificent. I can appreciate the talent of not only the dancers who seemed to float effortlessly around the stage, interacting with on another and telling a story without dialogue, but the production as a whole. The props, the lighting, the effects and the live orchestra which sounded spot on and was worth the ticket price alone.

The show lasted for 3 hours and Pip and I were quite tired when we left but we have now attended one of the worlds most famous opera houses and I can now say I've been to a ballet... and I liked it. What a cultured bunch we are.