Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Record store day

It was Record Store day 2012, Pip and I decided to visit the famous 'Rough Trade' record store. Although we missed the free gig, the place was packed which meant it was rather difficult to browse the music without getting in the way of everybody else. We had witnessed the same at 2 other record stores that we'd stumbled upon earlier that day, but that didn't stop Pip from fining a couple of albums to take home (The Black Keys - Brother and the Cat's Eyes album). The store also had an old tour poster for 'Television' which got Pip quite excited.

I'm not sure why the store wasn't filled with people for this photo... I assure you it was for the rest of our time there.

We also found a cart on Portabello Road selling sandwiched with homemade bread of which we grabbed a chorizo and a chicken one and sat down in the gutter to eat (There was no seating and that's what everyone else was doing).

Gutter sandwich
What else did we do with our long weekend... Oh that's right, we bought a tent!