Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anniversary and Horrors

Pip and I were to spend our second anniversary together in London and in what more appropriate fashion to celebrate our tightening bonds than with a night of music by one of our favourite bands.

Our second anniversary day consisted of lunch together near Pip's work and then I picked her up ready to go at around 4:30. on our way to Brixton I reaoized that I'd left the tickets at home. Not a great start to the evening as we had to travel all the way back home first.

upon our early arrival at Brixton, we treated ourselves to dinner at a little place called 'Hive'. Here we had burgers and a drink. Pip tried Pimms for the first time and after our below average service by the waitress whos day we were interupting, we headed down to the venue.

The first opening band had already begun at 7 o'clock. So we grabbed another drink and saw a band of either gender confused heavy mettlers. More drinks and a neat band called 'Toy' who were kind of like 'Joy Division' meets 'The Horrors', after that was a band we don't know the name of but they were very interesting. By this stage we'd made our wy down the front where it was nice to be with Pip as we're usually further back. The band consisted of a fellow seated playing a bass, a guy drumming and singing here and there and another bloke playing keys and guitar. The music was sort of experimental rhythm in sort of a jam format, quite left field to that of even the other indie bands there thag night.

Finally Faris and his chaps hit the stage at around 9:30 and we were treated to a fantastc set featuring mostly tunes from thir latest two albums. These guys are great live and we bitb had a great time even with both Pip and I getting into scuffles with annoying drunks who wer just ghere to cause trouble.