Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A night of spontaneous comedy

On a glorious spring Sunday evening in a tiny Hammersmith theatre, iPhones were being quickly slipped into the pockets of a lucky few, as we all waited for a tall gentleman who resembles popular depictions of Jesus to appear and start prancing around a stage, articulating absurdities in a witty, playful manor. That is what us lucky few paid for and that's what we got.

Ok so I can't paint a picture as well as Russell Brand but that could be why he's the one we've all come to see. My day off last week saw me spending considerable amounts of time on Facebook. I just so happened to be online when Russell Brand posted that he was to do a show that weekend and tickets were on sale from this very second. I was able to snap some up before they sold out only minutes later.

The day of the gig, I had worked until 4pm and after a night out with Pip and her friends, I was lucky to have enough energy to fuel some of my excitement. We took a bus as it required no changes and the tube had been have problems all day (almost making be late for work that very morning). The bus took about an hour to reach Hammersmith and we passed through a part on London that I wish never to see again. It was like neighborhood after neighborhood of poverty stricken, run down and disused shops and houses, almost a different world compared to the London that we are used to. We made it eventually even with a 10 minute hold up due to a minor car crash.

Lyric is a theatre/creative space/cafe/recording studio. The theatre itself is tiny which was fantastic as it felt like we were just hanging out with Russell in someone's big front lounge. There was no photography allowed so this is the only one I was able to snap (And it doesn't even have Russell in the shot).