Sunday, May 27, 2012

A trip to Windsor

We haddn't done a day trip out of London for many moons and so our trip to Windsor (Although techiquely not out of greater London) was a welcome addition to our sunny anniversary weekend. We took the train from Waterloo, and arrived at Windsor at around lunchtime.

I'm not too sure what we were expection but Windsor is a larger tiwn than we'd envisioned, although completely over run with tourists (like ourselves). The cute little town is filled with restaurets, shops, merchandicing shops, and endless tour busses and businesses cashing in on families with open wallets.

There was not a cloud to be seen and we strolled the streets and riverside before heading across the bridge to Eton, home of the private school and many games of cricket. We saw posh, well educated young men walking around, probably getting up to all sorts of mischief such as eating after dinner mints before dinner.

Back in Windsor it was time for a frappachino and to brave the ques into the castle. It actually didn't take too long to get in and when we did it was worth the wait and the price. We wandered around the buildings listening to the informative and very good audio guides. The highlight for me was the state rooms which were completely over the top and akthough still used, looked like a museum of a wealthy families estate from a bygone era. I really wish we could have taken some photos inside but were forbidden to document those rooms with anything other than our wee memories.

We had some average Spanish tapas for dinner, caught the train home and headed out to Covent Garden for my work farewell. Good day had by all.