Sunday, October 14, 2012

A night out in Manchester

Bradley came up from London to spend the weekend with us. Usually when we have a night out with Bradley it contains a healthy mix of fun and adventure and he certainly brought that with him.

The weekends plans were the perfect way for Pip to spend her two days between finishing at Lindsell Marketing and starting at Comic Relief. I joined them back at our apartment after I was done with work and we all had a catch up and a Vegetarian Lasagna which Pip had done an amazing job cooking.

The band 'Hot Chip' were playing at the Manchester Academy so we had worked out Bradley's visit around the gig and as 8 O'clock rolled around, the bottle of vodka had run dry and so we ordered a private taxi and headed off.

The gig was amazing, we arrived with only about 20 minutes to wait until they took to the stage. We'd never been to that area of Manchester before so we didn't know what to expect of the venue. I think the crowd was one of the best that I've been in. No beer or human waste was thrown about, no violence, no pushing, just dancing and general good times. The inevitable conversations about peoples weeks still ensued by the people around us, I don't understand why people pay to see a band when they are more interested in having a social catch up.

Hot Chip is not a band I know much about. In fact I can't sing more than a few lines from one or two songs, not that it mattered as I was blown away by how original and good they were. The musicianship was excellent, they ran most of the set like a bunch of DJ's running linking songs together to create a good flow but still allowing plenty of dynamics. Their songs are catchy but not too poppy and they really seemed at home in front of the small but packed out venue.

After the gig, we spilled out into the street with the intention of heading into Manchester city centre. Booking a taxi proved rather difficult with the company unable to find us. We eventually gave up and jumped into a black cab once the cold air had become too much for us.

We'd never been out in Manchester for many reasons so this was a good night to see what it is like. The first stop was the much talked about "Printworks", a huge building which houses many nightclubs. I'm not sure if we had picked the worst one or whether all of the clubs in that area were like it but the 'Norwegian Blue' club was more like an awkward 21st birthday party, split over two over lit floors which failed to create any mood while it teamed with segregated boys and girls who we all too shy to mix and seemed to only be there because it is the "socially acceptable" thing to do. One we'd had enough of a laugh about the strange choices of evening wear which the ladies sported, we headed off in search of something a bit better.

Next up was 'Prohibition' which I can describe as middle class people trying to be rich. It was almost as awkward as the previous place but it did have a bit more class. We hung out there for a while, dared each other to go and talk to random people, posed for photos with them and eventually decided that it was time to grab some more vodka and finish the night at home. Unfortunately there were no off-licenses open at 3:30am so we ended up going home to bed.

Good night.

The next morning we had some scrambled eggs, went to town for a coffee at North Tea Power and then saw Bradley off back to London. We had a great weekend and it was the perfect way to spend it celebrating Pip's new job transition and although we had a great time, I'm not too sure we'll be rushing back out the Manchester nightclub scene.