Sunday, December 16, 2012

Keys and Bees

Our third gig at the M.E.N arena took place earlier this week. Morrissey and Muse had been and gone, the Black Keys were up next.

Opening for The Black Keys was a little band called The Maccabees, we'd seen them in London, Spain and will also catch them in Edinburgh for new years eve. The crowd was less than half full during their set but again they were wonderful. I don't think they were quite the right fit for some Black Keys fans though as we heard a few grumbles around us from people who wern't so into them.

The Black Keys were rather good. They kept the performance simple but that allow us to see just how good they are at what they do. Dispite not knowing much from their early albums, they played mostly the songs we knew and we had a great time watching from our grandpa seats at the back.

There were plenty of grooving Dad's/middle aged men but the crowd down the front looked rather intense from where we sat. The only real let down of the night came from the akward encore, why does every band insist on indulging in this pointless act? They ended with 'Lonely Boy' which felt like the perfect ending and then came out for a technical problem plagued encore of 'Everlasting light' and couldn't quite recapture the end of their main set. So we were left a little bit underwhelmed which is a shame but it was still worth going along.