Monday, January 14, 2013

Imperial War Museum North

Today, I was in the mood for a bit of 'touristing' and so decided to meet Pip for lunch at Media City and then make a visit to the War museum.

After lunch, I crossed the bridge, and entered the huge silver building which appears as a cross between a modern sculpture and a bomb shelter. Inside is much the same and although a grand exhibition space, I prefer museums to focus more on the pieces inside them than being a place that feels as though it's fighting for your attention.

Not that I'm knocking the place as it did have some very engaging displays. The idea is that you make your way around the building in a timeline fashion where you start from world war one and finish in modern day wars. The old footage of WW1 was the mist striking for me along with the British perspective of the second world war.

Seeing the cannon that fired Britons first shot in WW1 along with sea mines and captured gun torrents I was surely affected. Staring down the barrel of a huge weapon that was the cause of many deaths fills me with much sadness, and it was this emotion which I felt throughout the main exhibitions.

The museum ends with modern war and a huge piece of the former world trade center after the 9/11 attacks. This left me quite in awe at the scale as it's something so familiar yet so foreign thanks to modern news and communication.

The Imperial War Museum was worth a visit but surely reenforced my feeling of resentment for the world leaders who allow these things to happen time and time again.