Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photos from Windermere

Windermere is a nice little town.

Pip chills out on a bench in Windermere

It's freezing and this guy is rocking a kilt
Making our way down to the lake

Pip stops for a quick photo on the way down to the lake

Playing with my new camera

Still playing around with my new camera. This came out quite well.

We made it to the lake

A boat house at the lake

At one with nature

The water is very clear

Pip sits at the end of the jetty

But gets cold so runs back

Warming up with a hot chocolate

Pip enjoys her hot chocolate

We walked through a wedding

A swan

Our hotel

Our room

The bed is a bit big for Pip

Heading dow the stairs to the grand entrance room

The grounds of the hotel went right down to the lake

Dinner at the hotel

We don't know this guy

And then it snowed

It was snowing pretty heavy but it was hard to photograph it