Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The decision

As January draws to a close, the realizations of it being the year we would have to leave the UK dawned upon us. 2013 is no longer "Next year" so it's time to figure out our game plan.

Pip and I (Pip mostly) have been planning our travel route home for some time now and after much discussion and weighing up of our options we have decided to leave Manchester in April. It makes sense as Pip finishes her contract at Comic Relief and with only a handful of months left to legally work, would find getting a job that wasn't terrible quite a challenge. Our lease expires in April, and I don't know whether I could survive at Caffe Nero until August without becoming rather unhappy.

So the decision has been made, and now I must save my pennies from my under paid job in order to not only fly home but see more of the world on our way back. I won't reveal our exact route until we book it but if we can make this happen, we will be in for quite an adventure.

Am I sad to be leaving England? I feel as though our time here is done, apart from my Abbey Road tour in March and the trip to see the house Dad lived as a lad, both Pip and I agree that we will leave here having done pretty much all that we wanted.

Stay tuned.