Thursday, February 28, 2013

Exploring more of Manchester

A few nights ago, Pip suggested that I undertake a photography assignment prior to leaving Manchester. Her idea was to photograph the buildings of Manchester, which I agree is a great idea as it will allow us to have a record of some of our favorite locations here. Also, this will improve my photography and I'll hopefully take better photos when we travel in a few months time.

I'm going to share some shots from my photo walks here on this blog. The first day I went out, it was overcast and so I didn't get may good photos as the lighting was very dull and most of my pictures were flat.

I started off the project with a non original photo of a fire escape. You have to begin somewhere don't you?

I like the composition but the grey dull sky didn't do me any favours.
Today, it was a beautiful day and while Pip was at work, I spent no more than a couple of hours at home. The majority of my daylight hours were spent wandering around the city. Unlike my usual meandering where I end up walking the same streets, I ventured north of the city and came across the Royal Mill which lay next to a series of canals and locks. The area north is filled with apartment buildings converted from the huge cotton mill warehouses which I think is fantastic and I'd have loved to live in one of those old brick buildings.

This is the main entrance to our apartment. 
We have two churches next to our apartment. This one is St Philip's Church.

I've taken far to many photos of the other church so this one and the next are an
attempt to photograph it from a different angle.

Here I tried to make it look like Disneyland. It sort of does right?

Photographing from street level I found that many of my photos were of this angle looking up. I like this one though.

This sort of explains itself.

This is on King Street, I'd never noticed it before.

Jamie's Italian. We love this place! 

China town. The arch is at the end of the street.

I backtracked slightly and headed up a parallel canal which was again lined with old factories. It was a fantastic stroll too, and I will have to take Pip for a walk when we have a sunny day off together. I didn't realize where I was heading, but eventually the canal veered to the right and in the distance stood the Manchester City football club. By this time, I was getting a bit tired so I took a few shots of the stadium and caught a tram back to Piccadilly.

The Royal Mill

The remainder of my day was spent wandering the Northern Quarter where I found a great new cafe that had just opened called Takk. I was planning to take advantage of the sunset light but after many hours of walking and taking photos I decided to call it a day. I'll be out again soon to try to capture more interesting buildings among other things.