Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Manchester History

One reason Pip and I hatched the idea to move to Manchester was music, with many of our favorite bands coming from here the idea of living the lifestyle was very appealing.

I recently read 'The Manchester musical history tour' by Phill Gatenby and Craig Gill which reveals the many hidden locations across Manchester that bare significance to some of it's biggest acts. A lot of these locations are very hard to come across as unlike Liverpool which is content with celebrating the past, Manchester seems to keep it's eyes on the future.

I have plotted a few locations to visit around Manchester with Pip, but today I figured I'd visit one myself.

This video shows Oasis' rehearsing in a room where apparently they spent five nights a week perfecting their sound long before they had any record out. I had read about this place and while I know it no longer exists as a music venue or rehearsal room, I just wanted to make a pilgrimage to their old stomping ground.

Following my trip to the boardwalk, I stopped by MOSI (The Museum of Science and Industry). Moving away from the music and looking at Manchester history through it's other legacy. The museum was great although a bit strange as it's spread across a handful of building which all bare significance to the cities industrial past. It gets a bit unnerving at times as you wind your way through corridors, up and down stairs passing almost nobody and occasionally feeling like your in a haunted house attraction.

The museum boasts some fantastic remains of the Industrial Revolution, where the scale of everything is quite amazing. There is also a fantastic area dedicated to Manchester from settlement through to now which would make for a fantastic educational tool for both parents and schools.

Among the places still to visit before we leave Manchester, is the bridge in Hulme where the famous Joy Division photo was taken which sits near the original Coronation street, and the house where the Oasis cover for Definitely Maybe was shot.