Friday, April 19, 2013

Job done

Today was finally the day when I got to finish my shift at work, safe in the knowledge that I do not have to go back. But, how do I feel about it?


Well not as much as I thought I would. It feels like such a long time coming and we've been planning our dream travel adventure for a few months now. Any sadness I might have felt has been eclipsed by the joy of what's to come.


I am a nostalgic person by nature. I tend to create feelings out of nothing sometimes, and I have a very strong prescription for my rose tinted glasses. Nostalgia should have been a constant throughout my last day, but I found myself constantly looking at the time, wiling it on to the point of frustration.


Proud could be described by a few occurrences over my last few days at work. As much as the past couple of months have ground me down and put increasing pressure on my natural niceness, it was lovely to receive so many well wishes from our regular costumers, including a goodbye card from an old couple who even drew a pencil sketch of a Caffe Nero cup with two spoons in it (They used to share a drink each time they came in).


I've been here before, overjoyed at my now-ceased employment only to find that it becomes even more frustrating to find the next job. This time is different as we will be moving back home, but I still wander what will be in store for us back in New Zealand.


I'm going to go with this last one. I made some great friends at Nero, but the job became a bit much for me over time. I am very happy that Pip and I moved to Manchester, and I know we'll look back fondly at our time here. Pip came to meet me after work when I said all of my goodbyes and we rode home together on the bus. Manchester put on a beautiful sunset which had all of the buildings, canals, and parks showing in their best light. It's as though Manchester and Salford had fixed up in their best outfits to wave goodbye.

One more weekend to go before we embark on one month of travel.

Stay tuned...