Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our Busabout tour concluded in the Adriatic seaside town of Split. We had a final official meal which took place at one end of the waterfront. There was a bit of drama as everyone was keen to try some locally caught fish only to learn that they were out of fish except squid and seafood risotto. We (except two of girls) stayed anyway and ate and when Zakk and Claudia went outside for a smoke they noticed other people eating fish.. Our tour leader had a word to the staff who made excuses about the catch only just arriving.

Our only full day in Split was spent wandering around. The central tourist area of Split is very small and so once the random storm passed over, Pip and I headed up the hill where we took in some great views of the city.

We met the few tour people left in Split for dinner that night and all went out for a really nice meal and back to one of the hostels for a couple of drinks.

The next morning Pip and I were off on our own once more, this time down the coast on a bus.

Traveling from Spilt to Dubrovnik by bus is fantastic. The road is almost entirely costal, and you are treated to some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. When we arrived and made our way to the information center just outside of the old town, it began to rain. What followed was a very uncomfortable hour of contacting and trying to find our host who could not find us in the crowds of people sheltering from the storm. We tried to find the address twice in the pouring rain to no avail.

Dripping wet with big heavy bags on or backs, we were about to leave the information center one last time when I found myself standing next to a lady who matched the description I'd been told on the phone. Luckily I asked her as she was a very passive person, but it was indeed our apologetic host who showed us to our amazing room in Dubrovnik.

We were staying in a very flash B&B style apartment two minutes walk from the main entrance to the old town. A beautiful cove and white stone walkways with cute apartments awaited us. This was the neighborhood where we would be spending three nights. This is the sort of thing that you need lots of money for right? Well not if you do your research. Dubrovnik in May has not hit the tourist high season yet so we found that wherever we went, we had space to ourselves. Because of this, we got to stay close to the old town, walked the town walls where we had all the space in the world to explore and take photos. It was warm enough to go for a swim at the beach but not too hot that you need to seek air conditioning all of the time.

The first day we explored the old town which is very beautiful, and the second day we swam in the ocean and took the cable car to the top of the cliff overlooking the town for views which were just unbelievable. Having only a few people up on the hill made the experience very relaxing as we sat in the outdoor restaurant overlooking the city and out over the Adriatic sea sipping drinks.

If we are to ever tour the Northern Hemisphere in future, it will be in May. It's not hot enough for everyone else it seems, but it suits us just fine. We can deal with a rain day here and there if you get to experience these incredible places, usually filled with tourists, in peace.


Split again
Nice view of Split from a big hill
Fish markets
Art market. I know none of these people...

We arrived in Dubrovnik as drowned rats

Luckily we had a washing line

Pip and I on the town walls