Sunday, June 2, 2013


I'm ashamed to say that up until now, I have had an impression of Bosnia which was unfairly negative. Growing up with the war on the 6 O'Clock news every night had left me with an impression which I'm now happy to say I have overturned.

When a previous flatmate once mentioned to us that he'd been to Bosnia, the image I conjured up in my mind was of him walking down a dusty dirt road, possibly in search of water. The breakup of Yugoslavia which played out over my young and impressionable years had clearly pigeonholed this country.

We have only spent two full days here but in that time, we have seen the beautiful Mostar with it's bridge and old town, turquoise rivers cutting through lush green gorges which rise up to mountainous peaks of jagged rocks as we made our way on an old bus to the capital of Sarajevo.

The two places we have stayed in Bosnia have been the best out of the whole trip. I can especially say that of our place in Mostar. The Pension Cardak is run by the most lovely couple who were very welcoming and gave us a room which we could have easily paid five times as much for. To top it off, they drove us to the bus station the next morning and we were shown where the fighting was at it's fiercest and how the city has recovered since. Having someone who has lived their whole life in this town show us a bit of history was very special indeed.

Everywhere in Bosnia you will find buildings with bullet holes them. It's sure rough around the edges but the hospitality of the people here and the natural beauty of the country is worth coming for. Plus it's very inexpensive and the food is amazing.

The bus ride to Bosnia

Making Turkish coffee